Joom [CPS, iOS] Many GEOs

Joom [CPS, iOS] Many GEOs


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Покупки онлайн в Joom [CPS, iOS] Many GEOs с кэшбэком в Беларуси

Join the new offerJoom [CPS, iOS] Many GEOs!

Joom is the global mobile marketplace which specializes in the delivery of goods around the world. Joom was launched in June of 2016 and is one of the fastest growing mobile marketplace in Europe, with over 250 million users. Offices are located in Latvia, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, China, Russia, and USA.

Advantages for publishers:

- High rates;

- No limits;

- All european geos

- Daily approval for top web-masters;

- High rates of app (Android: 4.7 of 5, iOS: 4,7 of 5);

- High CR from installs to purchaces in first 7 days after install - 57%;

- Ability to use own creatives


Guide for making creatives and assets HERE

Available static creatives you can find HERE

Available video creatives you can find HERE


Device version: iOS 10 or later

TOP geos: France, Germany, Russia, England, Italy, USA



Amount of orders during 2nd week after install should be not less then 30% of amount of orders during 1st week after install.


Allowed traffic sources:



Inapp Traffic,

Banner ads


Prohibited traffic sources:



Google ads,

Yandex direct,

Popunders/clickunders and alike

Online cinemas


Anti-fraud rules

Rejjection rate in adjust >20%

CR from click to install >1%

Fraud rate in scalarr >20%


Breaking of the rules such as:

    Unauthorised creatives
    Unauthorised placements
    Stolen intellectual property (creatives, videos)

will lead to disconnect from offer without further payments


Self-made creatives including texts should be approved by your personal publisher manager or via admitads ticket system.

Please mark the topic of your letter as "YourLogin | Joom [iOS]".

After reaching 1000 purchases, please stop your traffic and apply to your personal manager (or to admitads ticket support) for quality report.

Best Regards, admitad afilliate team!

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